Fall 2017

Happy first day of fall! It doesn’t feel like fall here in southeastern Alabama – it seems like the temperature will never go down! My calendar tells a different story though, with several upcoming performances and projects.

When I posted a few months ago, I had just started The E-flat Clarinet Project. It has been a challenge to juggle playing, teaching, and website upkeep over the last six weeks, but I’m so happy to be working on a project I love which also helps others in the clarinet community. Check out my recent post on D’Addario’s new Reserve E-flat clarinet reed.


I started practicing some new pieces (including a recent commission!) over the summer while I was a guest instructor at the New England Music Camp. It was a lot of fun working with the clarinetists in the band and orchestra. The break from the temperatures in Alabama was pretty nice too!

A few of the pieces will be on my solo album, which should be completed some time next year. Both of the pieces with piano will be recorded this December with my Troy colleague Hui-Ting Yang. I’m excited to start rehearsing with her soon!

There are several Northwest Florida Symphony concerts coming up for me this year, as well as a really crazy concert program for Sources Duo! Duo information will be updated as soon as we confirm all of our tour performance dates and locations. Check the performance page for all upcoming events!


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